About Us

IDCS Group LLC started as a solution for companies to get a wide variety of consultancy services. We deliver custom technology solutions to companies of all sizes.

Core Services

  • Drupal services include: implementation of simple to complex web solutions, consulting, module development, performance improvements, support, maintenance, theming and migration from other platforms.
  • Web applications development: web integration, custom applications development with frameworks in Java, PHP, .Net and Flex.
  • Mobile applications development: Android applications, iPhone and iPad applications, mobile web development using HTML 5 and jquery mobile, cross-platform implementations with Flex mobile and Phonegap among others.

Our Clients

Our current clients include marketing agencies requiring technological implementations for a given client, start ups, travel organizations, small and medium businesses and departments from midsize to big companies in need of implementations that may need specific knowledge. Our main goal is to build relationships with our clients, for most of our clients we have become technology partners in which we have helped them as consultants for implementations on several projects.

The process

Clients nowadays are in need of agile environments that can also assure quality on each aspect of the project. Our process is a collection of best practices in all areas that can be resumed in the following:

  • Explore
  • Create
  • Build

In our process many tools and people come in the mix to make sure every detail is accounted for.